Scientific schools

At of General Energy Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a scientific school for long-term energy-economic forecasting of the development of the fuel and energy complex (FEC), system analysis of energy efficiency and energy saving was created and is functioning (the founder and scientific leader is Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine M.M. Kulyk).

Based on the research of this school, scientific foundations, mathematical means, models and methods of long-term forecasting of the country's economy's need for fuel and energy resources, the formation of optimal fuel and energy balances, the optimization of the development of the country's FEC as a whole and its industry systems (coal industry, electric power, nuclear -power, oil and gas complexes, heat supply systems), development of regional energy systems, non-traditional and renewable energy sources.

The means of modeling the environmental consequences of the activity of energy facilities, limitations and requirements of environmental legislation regarding the activity of the energy sector have been developed.

The scientific foundations, methodological principles and mathematical support for evaluating the effectiveness of the use of energy resources in the economy and social sphere of the country, determining energy efficiency indicators, calculating the total energy saving potential and its real volumes have been created.

General Energy Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine operates a scientific school for technical diagnostics of energy systems and information and measurement technologies (the founder and scientific leader is a corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V.P. Babak).

Based on the research of this school, the scientific foundations and hardware and software for diagnostics of energy facilities based on noise diagnostics and heat flow sensors have been created.

The theoretical foundations of noise diagnostics were worked out, and were developed the theory of on-board power system diagnostics and the processing of tomographic information, methods of predicting failures of power equipment elements in conditions of a small number of abnormal deviations, which made it possible to increase the probability of predicting failures and the reliability of diagnostic systems of the entire thermal power complex - generation, transportation and consumption of thermal energy energy, including using unmanned aerial vehicles. The scientific and practical principles of conductive calorimetry based on thermoelectric heat flow sensors and a reference base for ensuring the unity of measurements of the surface density of heat flow, which corresponds to the world level of metrological measurement support, original methods of diagnosing materials, methods of complex detection, localization and recognition of classes of defects for aerospace systems were created and implemented. The concept of building expert systems for assessing the technical condition of products and the reliability of energy objects based on artificial intelligence using neural networks, methods and means of controlling air pollution by energy objects was inroducted.

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